Monday, April 16, 2012

MyChildren MyBride - MyChildren MyBride (2012)

1. "Morpheus (Intro)"   1:35
2. "On Wings Of Integrity Pt.II"  2:47
3. "Anathema"  4:21
4. "God Of Nothing"  4.16
5. "The Endless"  4.46
6. "SAMCRO"  3.42
7. "Dreamcatchers"  3.51
8. "Black Cloud"  3.32
9. "Hell Or High Water”  3.27
10. "Observer"  3.24
11. "No One Listens, No One Cares" 3.51
(Genre –Metalcore)
(Label – Solid State Records)

  "Keep it simple, Keep it fresh". If I had to give a motto to describe what MyChildren MyBride tried to do on this album, that would be it. In a period where metalcore bands tend to over-complicate things with super technical guitar riffs, odd time signatures, electro-techno-dubstep parts, MyChildren MyBride take a turn in the other direction. Raw, honest metalcore. Is that enough to make a good record though?

  You don't have to go late into the album to figure out what you're getting into. The obvious and first thing to notice is the band's change of style since the first album. Their first release was fast and melodic while this one is a lot more hardcore influenced. You get constant The Ghost Inside hints, lots and lots of 2-step riffs, catchy gang chant choruses and of course, a shitload of breakdowns. Now don't get me wrong, the breakdowns are good, but they seem overused, kinda forced and sometimes out of place.
This album has some pretty strong moments like "Anathema" or "Black Cloud". some pretty catchy tunes like "SAMCRO" or "No One Listens, No One Cares" then some downtempo songs like "The Endless" and "God Of Nothing" where they seem to experiment a bit with the vocals ending up sounding like Jonathan Davis(!). To my surprise it seems to work quite well.
While this release has some pretty strong moments and good songs, it always feels it's a step back from where the band wanted it to be. By trying to make their style more simple and straightforward, they walked into a trap where they started lacking originality. SAMCRO could be a "The Ghost Inside" song
while almost every song in the album reminds you of another band's style. The only things that stand out and make this band recognizable on this album are the vocals and the album production. Both amazing in their way. The production made by "Machine" who has a ton of successful works under his belt and "MyChildren MyBride" is no different, while the vocals are passionate and well performed. The guitarwork and drumwork is quite simple, by they serve their purpose , keeping the album groovy and giving space to the vocals where needed.
  Overall this is not a bad album. If you invest your time in it, it wont let you down and some of the songs included, you'll love. To its credit, it's safe to say it's a grower or at least it worked as a grower for me . But it always seems to lack something, the originality and personality is just not there, some of the songs are catchy but not catchy enough. Some parts are memorable, but not memorable enough.  It's just another decent metalcore record. If that's what has been missing from your ears lately, I would suggest checking it out.
Notable Songs : Anathema, The Endless,
No One Listens No One Cares    


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