Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stick To Your Guns - Diamond (2012)

1. "Diamond"  2.25
2. "Against Them All"  3:18
3. "Such Pain"  2:38
4. "The Bond"  2:37
5. "We Still Believe"  3:34
6. "Ring Loud (Last Hope)"  2:59
7. "Empty Heads"  2:55
8. "Beyond The Sun"  4:17
9. "Life In A Box”  1:29
10. "Bringing You Down"  3:52
11. "D(i am)ond"  1:45
12. "Built Upon The Sand"  2:44
13. "Just Like Me"  3:03
(Genre – Hardocre)
(Label – Sumerian Records)


  Stick To Your Guns is one of these bands that despite their honest and straightforward style they have managed to be unique, recognizable and have their own sound. And it's amazing how they remain loyal to their genre and they still manage to attract a wide audience. It only remains to be seen if "Diamond" keeps that tendency alive. 

  I can't really hide my excitement  about this album. I'm trying to find words that don't praise the album much, but i'm having major difficulties. This album simply KICKS ASS. By hearing song #1 you are overwhelmed by this powerful feeling like you are walking into huge throne room. The passion this guy sings this album's songs including the one mentioned,  is admirable. The lyrics are heartfelt and never do they try to get across a message in an extreme way, fact that is an example to be followed by other bands with religious or anthropological lyrical concepts.Overall, the lyrical quality and creativity sure is there.

  Taking a look at the music, there are no bad songs in this album. Seriously, there aren't. While there are some more memorable such as "Against Them All" And "We Still believe"  There are catchy tunes that are well done like "Bringing You Down " and "Beyond The Sun". There are uptempo songs like "Empty Heads" or "Built Upon Sand (which reminds me a lot of Comeback Kid) and even a song that just makes you stand in awe in "Ring Loud". Everything is played as should without over the top performances from any band member, and that works great giving meaning to the word "band". The mix is outstanding and helps a lot tapping the potential each and every song in this album has, while giving the instruments just enough space to give their individual flavor to the songs. I just couldn't catch my self being bored while listening to it.  It's raw when it needs to be. It's aggressive when it needs to be, it's melodic when it needs to be, and it sure as hell can get catchy at certain points. All in good balance, and all well done.

  If you're a fan of the band or/and this genre you wont be disappointed. If not, the chances of becoming a fan after listening to this album are too damn high, such as the awesomeness factor of this record. I have to repeat, pay attention to the lyrics and the messages they try to get across. It's fuckin great work. Diamond is a proper name for this album.  It's a must have for fans of the genre.
Go hit Sumerian Records and buy a copy!
Notable Songs : Against The World, We Still Believe, Ring Loud (Last Hope)   

8 1/2 /10

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